The Core Trimmer +

Core Trimmer + (With DVD)

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- Adjustable Tension.

- Easily Stored.

- Free DVD & Wall Chart.

- Full Body Workouts +.

- Tone Your Abs.





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  • The Core Trimmer is a compact accessory created with the focus of toning your entire core. It is also possible to tone and strengthen your arms and legs with the large variety of different exercises able to be carried out with this nifty little piece of equipment. 

    - ADJUSTABLE TENSION. – Your Core Trimmer features adjustable tension so that as you progress in your fitness journey it can come along with you.

    - EASILY STORED. – The Body Sculpture Core Trimmer is a lightweight and compact accessory which can be folded when not in use. This allows you the ability to take your new companion anywhere you please and never miss a workout ever again.

    - FREE DVD & WALL CHART. – Included alongside the Core Trimmer is a free complimentary instructional DVD and wall exercise chart detailing the different exercises which can be carried out with your equipment.

    - FULL BODY WORKOUTS. – Handles allow for various new exercises for a full body workout.

    - TONE YOUR ABS. – Your Core Trimmer targets the entire core; upper abs, middle abs, lower abs and obliques.  Continual use of the Core Trimmer will ensure you finally get those abs you've always dreamed of.