Weights & Kettlebells

Weights & Kettlebells are great options to tone and strengthen your muscles. We offer a large variety of weights, starting at just £9.99

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  • The 2 x 1lb Ankle/Wrist Weights

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    The 2 x 1lb Ankle/Wrist Weights are used to add extra resistance and increase the intensity of your workout; they’re great for that extra push.

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    Flexbells (4-8KG)

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    Available in 4KG, 6KG or 8KG. Our Flexbells are made from soft but extremely durable stretchy neoprene outer shells. They are filled with sand and are great for free weight training, strength training or stamina and endurance cardio training.

  • Kettlebells (5-12KG)

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    Our Kettlebells have a wide grip handle for smooth controlled action and a soft touch outer shell for comfort. Kettlebells are extremely popular with athletes, fitness enthusiasts and martial artists for strengthening both the muscular and cardiovascular system.

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    6KG Neoprene Dumbbell Set

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    Neoprene coated dumbbells offer a smooth surface to grip and a comfortable workout. Dumbbells can help improve your cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, build/tone muscle of increase overall muscle endurance.

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    Adjustable Sandbag Training Bag

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    This sandbag training bag is very effective and versatile at building and developing explosive core strength and power throughout the upper and lower body. 

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    The 10KG Weight Vest with Instructional DVD

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    The 10KG Weight Vest by Body Sculpture is a fantastic piece of equipment for increasing the intensity of your exercises. 

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