Air Rower with Cooling Fan

Regular Price: £389.99

Special Price £279.99

- 2-in-1 Adjustable Air & Magnetic Resistance

- Cooling Fan

- Extra Smooth Movement

- Smartphone/Tablet Dock

- Track Your Progress

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  • 2-IN-1 ADJUSTABLE AIR & MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: There are 8 resistance levels which can be adjusted with a simple turn of the tension knob. 

    COOLING FAN: The BR2712 utilises a blow fan so that as you row, air is expelled in your direction to cool you down throughout your workout.

    EXTRA SMOOTH MOVEMENT: The BR2712 is designed specifically to provide seamless action, to achieve this wheels are fitted under the seat for extra smooth movement when rowing. 

    EASY TRANSPORT & STORAGE: Perfect for those limited on space at home, the BR2712 can be easily moved out the way using the built in transport wheels. It can also then be folded up to further reduce the space consumed.

    SMARTPHONE/TABLET DOCK: There is a built in dock for your smart device to allow you to stay entertained and enjoy your workout to the fullest potential.

    TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: There is a built in computer that monitors and displays; (theoretical) calories burned, count, total count, distance, scan and time to allow you to keep track of your progress easily and make your journey all the more satisfying.