Paypal Credit

What is Paypal Credit?

PayPal Credit is a line of credit from Comenity Capital Bank that gives you the flexibility to pay for your purchase now, or pay over time. It's easy to apply and easy to use.

How does Paypal Credit work?

You can use PayPal Credit on purchases on our store as we accept PayPal.

Here's how:

- Check out with PayPal and then choose PayPal Credit.

- Answer 2 quick questions and accept the terms.

- You'll know within seconds if you are approved.

- Look for your PayPal Credit statement notification via email.

If your PayPal Credit account is linked to your PayPal account, your offers may vary.

How Do I Start Using Paypal Credit?

Select PayPal Credit as your payment choice during checkout. You'll be asked to provide your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and then to agree to the terms and conditions to apply for a PayPal Credit account. You'll know within seconds if you are approved. And here's the cool thing: link your PayPal Credit account to your PayPal account and you'll see it as a payment option when you checkout with PayPal.

How Do I Select Paypal Credit as my Payment Source?

Simply select PayPal Credit during the checkout process. If you don't see a PayPal Credit option, check out with PayPal, and then you'll have the option to select PayPal Credit as your payment method. Either way, a window will appear on your screen where you'll provide your date of birth and the last 4 digits of your Social Security number, and then agree to the terms and conditions. Approval takes just seconds and you can complete your purchase.

How Do I Manage My Paypal Account?

You can keep track of your PayPal Credit activity and history by logging into your PayPal account and selecting PayPal Credit.

Once logged in you can see:

- Current and Last Statement Balance

- Minimum Payment Due and Due Date

- Available Credit and Credit Limit

- Payments Made

- Transactions

- Statements and statement history

How Do I Pay My Paypal Credit Bill?

You can make a single payment from your bank account, debit card or PayPal balance at any time, online by logging into your account and clicking 'Make a Payment'.

You can also make a payment by calling PayPal Customer Service on 0800 368 7155. Through customer services, we can accept payment via any debit card, even those not linked to your PayPal account.

Do I Need a Paypal Account?


You are required by Paypal to sign up/login before you can continue processing a purchase with Paypal Credit.

If you don't already have an account click here.

Sage Pay

What is Sage Pay?

Sage Pay is Europe's leading independent payment service provider (PSP) and is one of the most trusted payment brands.

Was My Payment Successful?

When a transaction is processed using Sage Pay's payment gateway, you will get either a 'success' or 'failure' page when your order is complete.

You will also receive a separate confirmation email for Sage Pay.

My Card is Being Rejected

If you have tried to process transactions using a Sage Pay payment page but your card has been rejected then double-check:

- The card number length

- The issue number

- The card type

My Card Details Are Correct but My Card is Still Getting Rejected

Please contact Sage Pay support and they will be able to check if your card is supported by Sage Pay.